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Kingspan Access Floors is the undisputed leader in the production of raised floors, flooring systems and their installation. In the wake of recent Kingspan Group acquisitions of well-known brands Heweston and Tate, Kingspan Access Floors can boast a forty-year old tradition and their name is now inseparable from the concept of flexible high pefrormance workspaces.

Automation of modern office spaces is dependent on the efficient information technology and communication ties that are dependent on the specific benefit of raised flooring systems. These systems enable the delivery of power, sound, data and floor HVAC systems thru the floor service void to precisely where they are needed.

All of the above allows rapid changes to office layouts and adaptation to every tenant or potential future technological need.

Kingspan's succes is based on a wide range of products designed to meet all the needs for performance and possible specifications which is backed by expert support and quality service. Kingspan Access Floors always sides with quality and value - investing in the manufacturing facilities and superior high-capacity services to enable embedded raised floor systems of the highest quality.

Kingspan Access Floors owns the ISO 9001 accreditation for it's manufacturing and installation operations. Both operations are supported by the experience of their technical and support services that are unrivaled in the industry.

Kingspan is accredited to ISO 14001 however their concerns about the environment do not stop there; considerable investment has been made towards an energy conservation programme at their facillity in Hull after assistance from the Carbon Trust. They have strong focus on recycling waste materials and continually review their environmental policy to ensure they are doing their utmost in protecting the environment.

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