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Gradus was established in 1996. and has grown from a company producing accessories for flooring, which is still the core of its business, to a full solutions provider for interior design of objects.

With over 300 employees servicing markets in the UK as well as the international markets Gradus offers solutions for floor coverings, doormat matting systems, protection for walls and lighting design in addition to a comprehensive program of edge profiles for stairs and floor coverings. Their culture is built on problem solving, customer service and support, and the values ​​of quality and expertise of Gradus brand are implemented in all business activities to ensure peace of mind to their customers.

Piece of Mind

The Gradus business goal is to provide Peace of Mind for all their customers, through quality, performance and service that you can rely on. Whether it’s offering advice on product selection, guaranteeing product performance or delivering the right product to the right place at the right time, they are committed to reducing risk for their customers. In every aspect of their activities they take responsibility for the environment, and pledge to meet their present business needs without compromising our long term future environment.

Environmental Sustainability Pledge

"To meet their present business needs without compromising our long term future environment"

At Gradus they recognise the importance of sustainable development within their business, and are dedicated to controlling and minimising the effects they have on the environment. They have a firm set of environmental objectives providing a dedicated approach to sustainability in areas such as legislation, waste, training and recycling. Fully accredited to ISO 14001:2004 they can demonstrate these processes and also evaluate any environmental impacts that may result from their activities, products and services.

At Gradus they will, therefore, continue to improve their environmental performance in line with their aspirations to be recognised as a world class company.

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Gradus Entrance Matting Systems

An effective barrier matting system, when correctly specified, will help to minimise the risk of slip accidents caused by wet flooring, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of internal floor coverings by significantly reducing the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into a building.

Gradus barrier matting cannot only be used at a building's entrance and access points but also in other areas that are subject to increased risk of soiling and heavy wear. In many cases the optimum performance is achieved by combining different types of barrier matting.