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Geggus E·M·S

Since its foundation more than 60 years ago, Geggus E·M·S has developed an impressive product variety of high performance and excellent quality. Attractiveness, effectiveness and efficiency are the main advantages of their entrance matting systems. Geggus E·M·S' entrance mats not only keep your entrance area reliably clean and appealing, they also extend the cleaning intervals of your floors.

Geggus E·M·S specializes in the manufacture of mats made ​​of aluminum profiles (TOP CLEAN®) and honeycomb doormats (AS KARO® and Domino®) and is one of the leaders in the European market today. Frames made ​​of aluminum, brass and stainless steel, the traditional coconut mattings, as well as products for the technical applications round off the offered program. Fast order processing and precision in the production of standard and special measures make a short delivery time possible.

Why Entrance Matting Systems?

Foot-borne dirt carried inside buildings can be abrasive to sensitive finishes like marble, timber or laminates. Many surfaces will be made slippery by moisture introduced on visitors feet which can compromise safety. Increased wear on carpets and other types of floor coverings can occur from dirt carried on footwear and the impression created by a carefully designed entrance will be spoiled.

An efficient matting system needs to address all these considerations by removing dirt, moisture and grit introduced on visitors feet, before it can be carried inside the building.

Why Geggus E·M·S Entrance Mating Systems?

Geggus E·M·S has been carefully designed to not only be an effective dirt barrier by removing dirt, grit and moisture before it has a chance to effect interior floor finishes, but to compliment the most stylish entranceways - both outside and inside a doorway.

Geggus E·M·S has been constructed in such a way that it can be easily kept clean and have sections replaced where the mat surface becomes damaged.

Gegus E·M·S also gives you the choice of a wide range of designs, colors and finishes to compliment today's finest buildings and can be offered in virtually any shape to precisely suit any entranceway.

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