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Hufcor - Glass Walls

Glass mobile wall partiotions. Glass panels up to 10,5 feet high. Tempered safety glass thickness of 0.31, 0.39 or 0.47 inch. Choice of glass: clear, frosted, painted. Manual panel controls. Option of automatic sliding doors.

Hufcor - Operable Walls

Acoustic mobile wall partitions. 39-57 dB noise reduction. Management manual or semi-automatic. Panels up to 65.62 ft. Panel finish to customer's request (HPL, melamine, glass, PVC, textile, wood veneer, painted, stainless steel, individual design, etc.).

Hufcor - moViSTA Walls

Acoustic glass wall partitions. Noise reduction 45 or 47 dB. Possibility of installing aluminum blinds. The panels are made of aluminum, glass filling. Manual panel management, panel firming using micro processor controlled motors.

Hufcor - Accordion Walls

Acoustic accordion wall partitions. Noise reduction up to 45 dB. The possibility of production up to 39.37 ft per wing. Finishing: PVC and textile. Opening: left, right, left and and right from the center of the opening and to the left and right side of the opening from the center.

Hufcor - FlexTact

A unique system in the world, made of panels in a grid as required. Purpose for the training of the police or army special units. Ability to monitor the training from an aerial perspective and installation of cameras for filming the exercises to be subsequently analyzed. Multiple possible organizations of space, depending on the purpose of the training.

Gradus - Wall Protection Systems

Large offer of wall damage protection system. Structural elements made of aluminum profiles. Coverings made ​​of PVC material resistant to scratching with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection. Easy to clean and maintain. Application in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports, hotel and other commercial establishments. Available in 30 colors.

Milliken Carpets

Extremely rich offer of tiled textile floor coverings of superior quality and design. Guarantee of 10-15 years. Patented pad made ​​of polyurethane with open cells which produces outstanding acoustic values ​​as well as an increased factor of luxury and a longer lifetime compared to products with hard surfaces.

Kingspan - Access Floor

Raised (computer) floors made ​​of panels and galvanized structural substructure. Panel plates are made of hard-pressed plywood coated with galvanized steel sheets on all sides. Final coating: PVC, linoleum, rubber, carpet, ceramic, stone, parquet flooring and free lining.

Inter-Systems - Cubicles

Made of thermo-plastic panels, HPL-coated on both sides, resistance to abrasion, chemicals, moisture, etc. Application: sports facilities, schools, kindergartens, hotels, hospitals and similar commercial establishments.

Inter-Systems - Lockers

Made of thermo-plastic panels, HPL-coated on both sides, resistant to abrasion, chemicals, moisture, etc. Cabinet construction made ​​of aluminum profiles. Application: sports facilities, schools, kindergartens, hotels, hospitals and many other commercial establishments.


For many years we have been completing our offer with partners who are the market leaders in their respective domains, in order to offer our customers the best quality products available.

This ensures that you get the best possible value for your money because your satisfaction is the guarantee to success of our business.


To ensure the long life of our products we strictly adhere to the instructions and recommendations provided by our partners.

Also, thanks to years of experience, we possess proven technical solutions to virtually all problems that may occur during the execution of your projects.


With over 30 years of experience working in the industry we can boast with a respected number of references and satisfied customers.

Whether it is for major projects, such as hospitals, kindergartens, schools, office buildings, or for smaller projects like outfitting your office, meeting rooms or presentation rooms, you can be sure that your project is in safe hands.